Workshop CNT I Wales

Organ Massage

Chi Nei Tsang I in Manchester

March 30th till April 2nd 2019

Chi Nei Tsang is ancient method of massaging. It is used since many many years in Chinese Cultures. It is a very efficient and very direct method of treating people. We make contact with the intelligence, the source, which creates the organs. Chi Nei Tsang is a good method to clean and strengthen a human body. Most technics can be applied to yourselves..

OrganenEnEmotiesIn this workshop following items will be discussed:

  • Introduction to the TAO and Chi Nei Tsang
  • reading the navel
  • Opening the Tan Tien, de groin and the navel
  • Small Intestines and Large Intestines
  • Diaphragm, Liver en Galbladder, Stomach, Spleen, and Pancreas
  • Lungs and Heart
  • Kidneys, Bladder, Psoas
  • Lymph Drainage

During the first three days, Luc teaches the basic techniques. On the fourth day I teach you a sequence to open the body. So one can find the priority to work on. These sequence is called 5 element hands which was developed by Karin Sorvik, a Chi Nei Tsang teacher from Argentina.

This workshop is open too everybody. No requirements are demanded. It is an advantage having done the Universal Healing TAO Fundamentals. If you want to deepen the Chi Nei Tsang, one needs to do the TAO Fundamentals workshop.

From march 30th 2019 untill april 2nd 2019.

More Info you will find on the Website of Barry: Chi Nei Tsang Manchester.

What do you need:
massage table, mat or blanket to work on
massage oil and towel

Information and enlisting:
email:       home: 0044 (0)1492 515776     Mobile: 07747 051311